Saturday, January 28, 2023

How Would You Like A Graduate Degree For $100? Sebastian Thrun Wants To Make it Reality

Sebastian Thrun and Udacity want to change the world and education. 

udacity-sebastian-thrunThe amazing Sebastian Thrun (Google fellow and father of the Google Self Driving Car and heavily involved in Project Glass) has had education in his sights as something that needs to be changed and something that technology could make that happen. He started Udacity and has already had over 160,000 people sign up for his Artificial Intelligence class he taught through Stanford University.

Udacity currently is running 11 courses, all for free, covering subjects such as computer programming, statistics and mathematics and a robocar programmer’s workshop with Thrun.

FORBES.COM has posted a good article going over the amazing work Thrun is doing and some of the other people making strides in online education and what it might mean to the average person.



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