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Winston Churchill Covers Up UFO Incident During WWII. Feared “Mass Panic” and “Loss Of Faith In Religion”

UFO Creation Crash on property - UFO Case Covered up and Classified by winston churchill and Ike

The Telegraph out of the UK is reporting a story made public through the release of thousands of pages of declassified files on UFOs by the UK National Archives recently.

The encounter in question involved a reconnaissance plane which was returning from a mission over occupied Europe when it happened.

The story apparently goes that during their flight along the English coast, possibly near Cumbria, their aircraft was approached and followed by a metallic UFO.

Photographs of the object were taken by the aircraft crew and in their description they stated that it had “hovered noiselessly” near the plane while following them.

Later on while meeting with General Dwight Eisenhower, the commander of Allied Forces, they had discussions about the unexplained incident and both men were claimed to have become extremely disturbed by the incident.

At the time of the meeting a weapons expert disregarded the suggestions that the object was a missile with the statement that it was  “totally beyond any imagined capabilities of the time”.

Another attendee of the meeting raised the possibility of a UFO, at which point Churchill ordered the report classified for at least 50 years  to stop “panic” spreading.

How the incident even came out is  interesting: It seems that one of Churchill’s personal guards overheard all this and in later years recounted the story to his family. His grandson wrote to the Ministry Of Defense requesting information confirming the events of the story. He had learned of it from his mother who had was told by her father on his deathbed of the events.

The grandson, now a physicist, wrote in one letter

“There was a general inability for either side to match a plausible account to these observations, and this caused a high degree of concern,”

“Mr Churchill is reported to have made a declaration to the effect of the following: ‘This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic among the general population and destroy one’s belief in the Church’.”

The MOD’s response basically was that there was no evidence around this since “UFO files before 1967 were destroyed after five years” due to insufficient public interest.

It is well documented that Churchill had a lot of interest in UFO’s to such an extent that he had requested in 1952 a briefing from the MOD on “Flying Saucers”.

The article concludes with a quote from Dr David Clarke, author of The UFO files and Senior Lecturer in Journalism at Sheffield Hallam University. He says that the

“fascinating” files showed the level of concern about such “bizarre incidents” during the war.

“It does tie in with what we already know as you have to remember that this was also long before the phrase UFO was created,” he said.

“I suspect there is an element of truth to the statement.”

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  • LOL! I hadn’t thought about that when I was putting it up. Daleks indeed.

    It’s wild to read about people who were really into UFOs. What blew me away was the stories about Jackie Gleason and his interest. I’ll have to re-read the stuff I found on that and put it up. It’s pretty damn strange.

  • One question haunts me a lot: Why do UFO’s generally conduct remote surveillance missions, but never come to the mainstream locations at all?? Even the UFO’s are afraid of humans? 🙂

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