Warner Brothers Wants Ben Affleck to make ‘THE STAND’ Film

The Stand - Stephen King - Ben AffleckThree years ago I would have giggled myself silly at this but having seen his amazing work on “The Town” and “Gone Baby Gone” I am totally excited by the possibilities…. but also I see this as being a nightmare project that will end up being a total piece of crap.

It’s a HUGE book and a huge story. ABC did a 5 part mini-series of it and barely fit everything in (please, someone do a Special Edition of it and fix those horrific, cheap special effects at the end) and many fans didn’t think it did a great job of it.

How can you make this enormous story into a film?

Could the studio have the balls to do it ala Lord Of The Rings and do a three film version? Problem there would be that they would probably try and shoot it in the United States where the costs would be triple what LOTR cost since it was shot in New Zealand.

If they try and make it into a 3 hour single film it’s going to have to be chopped and three-quarters of the characters will have to go.

I’ve got a ton of faith in Affleck these days so I think he could do it right but the issue becomes: Will the studio let him.

( the one thing missing from this story is any details. It seems to be saying that the studio wants him but no word on if he has signed or given a verbal to proceed with the project. )

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Ben Affleck Warner Bros Choice To Make ‘The Stand’

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