The Dresden Files – The Complete TV Series

dresden files tv show -cast jim butcher harry dresden

It’s my week to go back and start rewatching some shows I haven’t seen in a while but enjoyed and own the DVD’s of.

Tonight I watched the first two eps of THE DRESDEN FILES. They’re light episodes but I think they were meant to be light and intro the characters and concepts and save the FX budget for later in the season.


dresden files tv show -cast jim butcher harry dresdenBased on the books by Jim Butcher it was a series that was made for the assh0les at the scifi channel. That meant that it would die before it’s time, just about the point where people were discovering it and just at the time that it was developing a great fan base who loved the show. (scifi channel are scum of the earth.) The DVD set is listed as “The Complete First Season” like there is a second season, there is not.

It’s about a wizard named Harry Dresden who works as a private investigator in Chicago. I hadn’t read the books when I first saw the series but have since read all of them and I have to say I liked Paul Blackthorne as Dresden and even liked some of the things they changed about the stories more in the show then in the books.

Valerie Cruz plays his friend and sometime boss Murphy (her first name is different from the books and Butcher’s comments on the reasoning are vague) and while she is quite different from the books, the heart of the character comes across and she’s great in the part.

One of the other highlights of the show is stage veteran Terrance Mann as “Bob”, Dresden’s ‘assistant’ (for lack of a better word). In the novels he is a spirit inhabiting a skull but for the series they needed to give him a body and face to interact with Dresden and it works very well especially with Mann playing up all the elements of Bob’s personality.

Plan on working my way through the eps of this and the amazing THE MIDDLEMAN over the next week or so and will add to it as I get further in.


dresden files tv show -cast jim butcher harry dresdenYou can pick it up for only $14 off Amazon on DVD these days. I’ll talk about the extras on the DVDs when I get around to them.

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