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The Death of the Kin continues: Verizon tells Microsoft to take back their phones

KIn Model 1 & 2 - Dead on Arrival

Ahh, the on-going failure of the Microsoft Kin continues to make headlines.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Microsoft kills the Kin and continues their downward spin into mediocrity, Microsoft announced, spent a pile of money promoting and then killed their new attempt at a phone The Kin in less then two weeks.

Rumors continue to abound that they only sold about 500 units and with this most recent news those rumors are coming back.

After Microsoft killed the phone Verizon slashed the prices on the units they were stuck with in an attempt to get rid of them. Doesn’t look like it worked for them.

Electronista is reporting that Verizon is stopping all attempts to sell the rest of their stock and are returning them to Microsoft.

They also go into the rumor that MS spent over $250 million on the Kin marketing campaign which only resulted in sales of about 9000 units across the lifetime of the phone.  Yeah, I’m sure investors are happy with that too especially looking at the millions of iPhone 4’s sold in the first few weeks of it’s product launch.

There’s been a lot of blame thrown around on the death of the Kin: Some blame Verizon for charging a much higher plan rate for a phone that wasn’t marketed to that market but to a younger one. Some blame Microsoft for once again releasing a product that wasn’t ready that had too few features and too many bugs.

Either way the death of the Kin continues to be a feather in the cap of Microsoft’s on-going plan to make themselves obsolete in the technology future and lucky for most people it looks like they’re doing a a great job!