Get An Amazon Fire Phone For Only 99 Cents!

Want An Amazon Fire Phone? Get One Right Now For Only 99 Cents!

amazon fire phone sale 99 cents
Yep, nothing says “they’re selling great” like dropping the price from $99 to $0.99.

Oh, and before you run over for a cheap phone to play with… it’s 99 cents with the two year contract.

When the Fire Phone first came out I, like everyone, expected it to be a cool gizmo that deep down was meant to be a phone but also help you easily buy more stuff from Amazon and consume their content. The problem was that there was NOTHING exciting or different or unique about the phone. There was nothing that made people want to buy it let alone change over from their Android or iPhone to it.

Now they are (forgive the pun) having a fire sale to dump these phones and get some of the cost recouped through their subsidy deal with the carrier.

This product was a massive failure and something the folks at Amazon should have seen was a bad idea.