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battleship movie peter berg bomb
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Peter Berg Admits ‘Battleship’ Was Expensive, Too High-Concept

battleship movie peter berg bomb


In an article from The Wrap, Director Peter Berg is reported as admitting that his film BATTLESHIP was “… too expensive and too high-concept”.

— But He Still Cashed The Checks And Took The Job.

Boo Hoo for him and the studio. The film production budget was said to be $209 million dollars. They could have taken that money and made 4 movies and if only two of them were hits they’d still be in profit across the board. It’s a freaking film “based” on a Milton Bradley game.

The studios are going INSANE with bullshit tentpole “event” films that are costing more and more and more. They aren’t learning. I’ve heard from MANY people that you can’t get the studios to green-light a film for less then 40-70 million dollars.

Sequels aren’t working. Remakes aren’t working. Just having massive, huge budgets don’t work.

There are THOUSANDS of incredible, well written scripts sitting in piles in Hollywood written by people who are trying to break into the business and are not the same old crap studios are producing. Look at the Black List every damn year! Dig them out, make them for $40 mil and make a freakin’ profit PLUS make good films. What a concept, right??

Hollywood complains about this and that, about how bad the box office is and piracy. Get good films into theaters, stop taking f*cking pre-orders for the DVD while the film is still in the theaters and stop releasing the damn things so fast— OR release it on pay per view the same day it’s opening and beat the pirates to the game.

Hollywood is cutting it’s own throat and they aren’t looking around at the people that are producing things online that are better then dreck like “Battleship”.

Oh, and no surprise Battleship is already available for pre-order on

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