TRON LEGACY – Trailer #2 is out!

Well, if Comic Con is good for one thing it’s getting studios to release new trailers for films and Disney is doing just that with the second trailer from TRON LEGACY which doesn’t hit theaters till the end of the year but has been building buzz for two years now although most of us who saw TRON all those years ago have been anxiously awaiting another trip inside the system for much longer.

TRON LEGACY will hit the theaters on December 17th, 2010 in 3D!

Yahoo Films has the trailer and you can see it there in HD. iPhone and iPad users can click the link to see the trailer from the Yahoo site.

[UPDATE]: One thing just struck me: Yahoo? Huh?  Why not go with the company run by your largest private stockholder, APPLE?   Yahoo quality seems okay but it’s flash so anyone checking this out on an iPhone, iPad or any device with flash blocking can’t see it. Hopefully we’ll get a quicktime HD version soon but the trailer still ROCKS !!!!