Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Gatchaman movie might actually happen! Battle of the Planets film looks like it’s getting made.

Gatchaman Film logo from Imagi Studios

I got an email a while ago about an old favorite of mine and the fact that an updated film-version was on its way. In the 1970’s there was an japanese animated series that was called Battle of the Planets in the syndication run I saw it on. Other places in the west had it called G-Force. In Japan it was Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. (cool name, huh?)

It was a basic “super powered, costumed teenagers fight costumed bad guy and his army of thugs with cool technology and lots of martial arts and gadgets” kind of series but I remember it as being pretty damn cool. Later I learned it was produced by the same company that did the legendary SPEED RACER.

The story popped up a few years ago that someone was going to do a Gatchaman film but nothing ever came it.

It now looks like Imagi Studios, the people who did last year’s beautiful ASTRO BOY, are working on it. (Oh, and this story has NOTHING to do with Comic-Con. I don’t even know if Imagi is even there this year.)

On the Imagi Studios website they have a page about the film and a teaser that looks pretty damn good! There aren’t many details other then the film is in pre-production but I’m hoping that if they thought enough to do this slick teaser that’s a sign of their commitment to the project.

Check it out by clicking the image below but I will warn you that the site is a bit slow and it takes a while to load. Hopefully we’ll have an update on the film sooner then later!

Gatchaman teaser from Imagi Studios
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