Microsoft kills the Kin and continues their downward spin into mediocrity

KIn Model 1 & 2 - Dead on ArrivalIn the last year it seems that jugernaut that was the monopoly known as Microsoft has stumbled, fell behind and got lost in the race to remain pertinent to where the future of technology was headed.

Not that Microsoft was a force for advancement or good in technology, they produced crappy products that were released long before they should have been simply because they could. With a 90+% install base for Windows they could do whatever they wanted to do and people had to smile and take it.  Are those days changing?

The browser war is not what it once was although I am still stunned to see how many people use the most insecure browser in use today, IE, and seem to be confused when you ask them why.

Firefox kicked their feet out from under them and along came Apple with Safari for windows (If only we could get a Linux version!) and Google kicked them in the ribs with the most excellent Chrome.

And then there is the mobile computing space.  Microsoft is so far behind Apple’s iPhone OS (now called iOS) and Google’s Android it’s difficult to compare them. They tout their Windows 7 Phone (or whatever the hell it is they are calling it) but no one seems to be racing to be first in line to run with it.

Enter the KIN phones… and exit the KIN phones in about two months on the market.

The Kin isn’t Windows Phone 7, it’s some version of windows mobile but they seem to have tried to be spinning that as a good thing.

“Hey, it’s not the latest thing but it’s a cooler version of the old crappy thing! You want that, right!”

The reviews I’ve read of it basically said it wasn’t a smartphone, only priced like one without the ability to buy apps and the ones that came on it were standard microsoft poor quality. I recall the Wired.Com review mentions that the Twitter client is so bad that you can’t see @replies or post pictures.

So, microsoft releases another bad product but at least this time they kill it rather then try to shove it down the throats of the people for years before replacing it.

[UPDATED]: Wow, Business Insider is reporting a rumor that Microsoft only sold 500 Kin and when they asked Microsoft about it they refused to confirm or deny it.  OUCH !!