Official Google Voice App Gets Approved By Apple For iPhone App Store!

Official Google Voice App Gets Approved By Apple For iPhone App Store!
According to TechCrunch and Apple has given it’s approval for the Official Google Voice application to come to the iPhone. There’s nothing official but they seem pretty confident of this.

The Google Voice app was submitted originally to Apple back in mid-2009 but was rejected for the dreaded “duplicating features that come with the iPhone” reasoning. After the rejection came down the issue became the subject of an FCC investigation regarding Apple’s App approval process. Many people point to this investigation as the reason for Apple’s publishing of new review guidelines which they hope will streamline the approval process.

The changes are pretty straight forward and have allowed numerous apps to finally see approval such as GV MOBILE + (Which we reported a bit ago and have been happily using for accessing Google Voice from my iPhone). Apple has approved that one and at least one other 3rd party Google Voice app, and according to the rumor mill the official one is not far behind. Said rumor folks are reporting that Google is holding back the release so they have time to update what was likely the original app that was resubmitted and revamp it with support the latest IOS changes including multitasking. How long that takes and then the re-approval timing is anyone’s guess.

This could be huge news for all of us. If developers feel they have a solid understanding of what the approval process includes and what to expect from it there are a lot of companies and small devs that will feel it’s worth their time and investment to create the next generation of iPhone apps.

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