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I’m Getting Rid Of My +Roku  Box – I’m Tired Of Waiting For The +Netflix  Update For Roku2

netflix and roku

LAST YEAR.. more than 6 months ago Netflix and Roku said that the Netflix update that allowed profiles would be rolled out to ROKU 2 owners “next year” and it’s May and nothing. No word and no channel update.

If you don’t know Netflix allows you to set up profiles for each person in the house so the kids won’t end up watching your selected horror flicks and your screen won’t be filled with kiddie shows and the same goes for other members of the family… just not on the Roku2.

I have the last of the Roku2’s (the XS) before the 3 was announced so it’s not like I’m using a first generation Roku box.

If I want profiles it appears I’m going to be forced to pay for it and that means either Roku3 or an Amazon.com FireTV. There are a number of things I don’t like about the FireTV including the loss of the excellent Roku integrated search across many services but maybe I’ll get over that.

I bought the Roku 2 XS because I take it when we travel and not every TV I’m around has an HDMI port but at home I do. So because of that I’m screwed.

Soooooooo if I have to buy a streaming box that only has an HDMI port then I might as well buy the Amazon Fire since it’s got all the channels including the most important PLEX and kiss my roku goodbye.

Thanks Roku and Netflix — I love my Roku but I’m tired of waiting for a better Netflix interface and profiles. We watch a lot of Netflix and I’m sick of the clunky interface and no profiles. It’s bad enough that Netflix has the worst UI in the world but the old one is even worse.

Do you have an Amazon FireTV? Did you used to have a Roku? I’d love to get some second opinions on this.

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