Gal Gadot Cast As Wonder Woman In Batman VS. Superman

Gal Gadot Cast as Wonder Woman

In a further effort to not have to write a story for the upcoming sequel to Man Of Steel where they already have added Batman to it so they can use half the film just showing them fighting the producers have (as predicted) added ANOTHER character that should have their own stand-alone film to the mix: Wonder Woman.

Further showing that DC/Warner Bros have their heads up their asses and instead of just stealing the Marvel playbook and do stand alone film s for their characters before going to a team film… now they are adding more characters so they don’t have to write a good movie, just a flashy one.

“See Batman Versus Superman and be dazzled by the effects and how cool it is that Batman And Superman are in the same movie! Plus Wonder Woman for no reason!!!!

Ms. Gadot is supposedly a good actress (she appeared in several of the Fast and Furious films) and I’m sure she is…. and I’m sure she’s getting a nice paycheck for this but it’s such a bad idea.