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Krypten Ritter jessica jones marvel netflix
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Krysten Ritter to Star as Jessica Jones in Marvel Netflix Series [UPDATED]

Krypten Ritter jesica jones marvel netflix

Marvel is currently in production for NETFLIX with a 13 episode series DAREDEVIL but that’s just the first series Marvel is doing with Netflix, next up is AKA JESSICA JONES based on the book of the same name and now they’ve announced their lead: Krysten Ritter.

Ritter has done a lot of light roles so taking on the action lead of a superhero series is a little surprise but Marvel’s casting has been right on so we can expect the same here.

Jessica Jones first appeared in the classic Bendis book ALIAS and is the story of a super hero who gives up the hero business to become a private eye.

Mike Colter luke cage marvel netflix
[UPDATE]  Word has just started to leak/spread that Mike Colter will be starring in Jessica Jones as the iconic character LUKE CAGE. Cage is set to be introduced in this series and then get his own 13 episode series for Netflix.


“Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones,” is a 13 episode series set to premiere on Netflix in 2015.




Krypten Ritter jessica jones marvel netflix

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