Saturday, January 28, 2023
Facebook evil invasion of privacy experiment
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Danah Boyd: What Does The Facebook Experiment Teach Us?

danah boyd writes about the facebook “emotion contagion” study.

I’m intrigued by the reaction that has unfolded around the Facebook “emotion contagion” study. (If you aren’t familiar with this, readthis primer.) As others have pointed out, the practice of A/B testing content is quite common. And Facebook has a long history of experimenting on how it can influence people’s attitudes and practices, even in the realm of research. An earlier study showed that Facebook decisions could shape voters’ practices. But why is it that *this* study has sparked a firestorm?

danah boyd | apophenia » What does the Facebook experiment teach us? danah boyd


I say this all the time: if danah boyd writes ANYTHING you should read it. You might not be actively interested in the subject but I guarantee you will learn something and come away better informed and have something to think about.

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