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GAMERA Trilogy On BluRay Only $7.26?? Godzilla Fans Check This!

gamera godzilla kaiju monsters bluray

Gamera Trilogy : Guardian of the Universe / Attack of the Legion / Revenge of Iris on Blu-ray

I’ve had this bluray box set for a long while and paid a hell of a lot more for it but I was recommending it to someone who had recently seen GODZILLA in the theaters and realized the freakin’ set was only $7.26! Damn… for three BluRay movies that’s an amazing price BUT these are excellent BluRays.

Top notch transfers AND original Japanese with english subtitles OR you can watch the english dubbed version for that old saturday afternoon Monster Chiller Horror Theater feel of these kaiju flicks. Check out the reviews over on Amazon.

They are very cool and for seven bucks you cannot go wrong.


Gamera 1: Gamera Behind the Scenes, Camera Test and Special Effects

Gamera 2: Uncut version of the The Salvo Scene, Behind the Scenes of the Kasum


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