Friday, April 12, 2024
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NBC Attempts A Return To Great Television With A Live Production Of Sound Of Music… Doesn’t Quite …


I admit I tuned in after Big Bang Theory to check it out and see how they were handling the very difficult task of bringing a theatrical production of a musical to live television and couldn't take my eyes off it.

It just didn't work. It looked stiff and clunky. Live television is insanely difficult and an absolute art form and doing a theatrical production even more so. This time it didn't work and every review I've read this morning says the same.

Carrie Underwood seemed to be struggling with the acting portions of the production and there was no noticeable chemistry between her and Steven Moyer.

The cast was filled out with a lot of professional theater performers who flowed through and made the non-theater folk so much more obvious. Even the children seemed at ease compared to Underwood.

I gave up and went to be after Audra McDonald belted out Climb Every Mountain well before the Nazis showed up.

Anyone sit through the whole thing?

I also heard the less than thrilled tweets hit the west coast before the production started there.

TV Review: ‘The Sound of Music Live!’

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