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Caroline John – Doctor Who’s Liz Shaw Passes Away

Caroline John   (1940 – 2012)

liz-shaw-the Doctor -brigadeer


Doctor Who News broke the sad news of the death of John Pertee’s first companion, actress Caroline John who played Liz Shaw. She was 71.

Liz Shaw was a civilian member of UNIT and was a major part of the third Doctor’s life while he was exiled here on Earth in the seventh season of the show. liz shaw doctor who caroline john

Shaw was a scientist who was an expert on metorites and held degrees in everything from medicine to physics. John was the first companion of John Pertwee’s The Doctor and was introduced in the same episode he was. One of most memorable episodes was INFERNO where The Doctor encounters Section Leader Elizabeth Shaw, the alter ego of Liz in an alternative time stream which also marked the last appearance of Liz Shaw.

On the official Doctor Who Site, Steven Moffat said:

[quote] Caroline was a brilliant actress and in her role as Liz Shaw, a tremendous co-star for Jon Pertwee in his first year as the Doctor. She was not just a sidekick but a scientist in her own right and a match for the universe’s number one know-all. The Doctor’s companions should never be his assistants – they’re the people who keep him on his toes, and that’s what Caroline did. From everyone at the show, our thoughts go out to Caroline’s family. [/quote]


Liz Shaw remains a favorite companion for Who fans and all of us greive her loss and send our condolences to her family and friends.

You can see more quotes from folks in the Who family at the DWN site linked above.


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