Here’s a link to a good article about the amazing Felicia Day and her career. (click the link below and then you’ll have to click the picture of Felicia on that page– paste magazine hates internet users and won’t let you direct link to an article)

Felicia and Kim Evey have really worked hard and have pushed the future of entertainment forward ahead of everyone else. (Have you seen Kim Evey’s insanely great  Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show?  Search it out!)

Online scripted programs (not reality shows or 1 minute YouTube vids) are the future and are going to put the traditional entertainment industry on the brink of extinction, and when it does we’re going to look back to The Guild and these ladies and their team as the people who made it happen.

I started off in the film & television industry when it was all film and 3/4 inch tape. Every second you let a camera run was money. I can’t recall what 16mm film stock was back in my day but now it’s like $50 for 100 feet of film. That’s about 2 minutes and 45 seconds of shooting. Not including developing and making a print from the negative. So if you were a budding filmmaker you had come up with a pile of cash just for film stock before you could even start shooting let alone finding/renting lighting, buying or renting a camera, a cast, a crew…. it was hard. Oh, then you’ve got to get equipment to edit on—-

Think on that… versus the Flip camera that I have in my jacket pocket right now that has an 8 GB SD card in it that can shoot HOURS of 1080p video.

Today we’ve got cameras that shoot video that is good enough for the Internet. Hell, you can shoot and edit a film on an iPhone these days. (although you can’t score it on a phone) You’ve got inexpensive video camera that shoot and transfer to the footage to every day computers on which you can edit, score, add special effects, titles and even convert to whatever format you want on.

ANYONE can make a film these days… anyone can make a ‘television’ show these days. I’m not saying everyone can make a show or film that people will like or that will be good… but that’s not the point.

Who will be the next The Guild ? Who will be the one to make the next HEROES that will be an online exclusive produced out of someone’s home office in Ohio?

I’m extremely disappointed in YouTube. It came out recently they were going to spend 100 million dollars on producing content… and then it appears they are going to spend that money with established Hollywood production houses and studios. Come on, Google. Set up a contest and get some people to send in pilots and find a couple of good ones and fund them for 10 episodes. What could it cost you? Probably cost the price of 2 episodes from the studios.

Now is the time. If you’ve ever wanted to make a film, create a TV show or do a 88 minute one woman show about the dog that lives next door that is really the reincarnation of Albert Einstein and whispers theoretical formulae to you through the fence… DO IT!!!

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