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‘Simpsons’ Co-Star Speaks Out On Contract Negotiation Stalemate

Harry Shearer speaks out about the negotiations going on.

_"For many years now, the cast of “The Simpsons” has been trying to get Fox to agree that, like so many other people who’ve contributed significantly to the show’s success, we be allowed a tiny share of the billions of dollars in profits the show has earned. Fox has consistently refused to even consider the matter. Instead, it’s paid us salaries that, while ridiculous by any normal standard, pale in comparison to what the show’s profit participants have been taking home.

Now, as the show enters its twenty-third season, we are engaged in what will probably be our last contract"_

Now is he saying that they get NOTHING after the initial payment or just not a piece of the back end profits from the show. The former would imply they are not making residuals from the rebroadcast of the shows and the DVD and video sales of it.

How is that possible in this day and age when people from shows that did well in the 80's are living off the residuals from it?

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‘Simpsons’ Co-Star Speaks Out On Contract Negotiation Stalemate

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