Friday, April 12, 2024

What The Hell Is Going On in Wisconsin? Here’s The Lowdown:

wisconsin protest republicans
Flickr/Peter Gorman.

All hell has broken out in Wisconsin and most people aren’t sure what is going on. Republican Governor Scott Walker’s got a plan up the republican’s sleeves, an anti-union “budget repair bill” he is spinning as the salvation of the state and the universe.

Protesters have started flooding into the state to stand on both sides and uber-super wealthy Koch brothers have been paying to bus in as many TeaParty members as they can to make this about something other then an attempt to squash unions and union rights in Wisconsin and from there the rest of the country.


MOTHER JONES has an excellent page explaining what is going on and detailing the story, the players and what the real reasons behind all of it really are.

It’s a must read. There’s a ton of misinformation going on about all this and it’s only going to get worse.


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