New Spiderman Image And A Title Announcement: The Amazing Spiderman

Well, Sony has released another image of Andrew Garfield in costume but this time it’s the full costume minus the (soon to be a variant action figure) battle damaged suit. On top of that they have announced that the reboot project has an official title other then “the spiderman reboot movie”: THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN.
Amazing Spiderman Film - garfield 2012 sony costume

As before there is something I really just don’t like about this costume. This picture makes it looks less rubbery but still— not crazy about it at all.

A lot of people noticed the metal at the wrists on the previously released photo of Garfield in the costume and in this photo they are very obvious and very upfront. I totally understood Sam Raimi’s decision to make the webspinning ‘organic’ in his films not the least of which reasons was the technological stretch it would be for a teenage boy to develop such a thing as the webshooters as shown in the comics. How will they deal with that in this new version?

The film is now shooting in (what should be no surprise in this day and age) 3D and at least they are shooting in 3D rather then converting later although I have no idea which of the 3D technologies they are using. The film is due into the theatres on July 3, 2012 and will star Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker / Spiderman), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), Rhys Ifans (Curt Conners / The Lizard), Denis Leary (George Stacy), Campbell Scott (as Peter’s Father), Irrfan Khan (?), Martin Sheen (Uncle Ben), and Sally Field (as the Icon Immortal Aunt May)

I’m sure more and more set photos will leak out, more details of the film and the story will leak out and comments will be made galore. I’m not impressed with the suit so far but I did enjoy Marc Webb’s (500)Days Of Summer although I really don’t know if that is enough to qualify for a major, major action film of this level.

The life or death of this film will be how they handle The Lizard. If it’s totally CGI, the film is dead, dead, dead— hopefully he learned from Sam Raimi and how he handled Doc Ock from SPIDERMAN 2. The mix of practical and CGI was excellent and sold the arms and the character totally.

Speaking of Raimi, I can hope that Webb also learned from him and the horrific, absolute shite that Spiderman 3 ended up being. Terrible, horible film that if Venom (the absolutely stupidest Spiderman villan of all time!) had not been in it and they spent the time developing The Sandman and Harry’s evolution into the next Goblin it would have been INCREDIBLE.

As it is, Spiderman 3 is crap and Sam Raimi and Sony owes each and every person that sat through it an apology, a refund and a coupon for a free dinner at their favorite restaurant and a bottle of Listerine to wash the taste of that film out of their mouth and to burn it out of their eyes.

We’ll see.