1st Photo From SPIDERMAN Reboot Surfaces – Garfield In Costume

Sony released the first photo of Andrew Garfield in costume for their 2012 reboot of the SPIDERMAN Franchise and most fans seem to be underwhelmed and unimpressed.

andrew garfield as amazing spider man in costume from Sony Pictures

Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures - Click for Larger Version

In this photo it looks like Parker has been torn up a bit and we can assume that’s from The Lizard who will be played by Rhys Ifans (although many people anticipate he’ll be CGI once he transforms).

All in all, I’m also severely unimpressed by the costume. It looks rubber. Yeah, in the comics it was supposed the Peter Parker made his own costume and we looked past that for the Sam Raimi version of the costume and I guess we’ll have to do the same for this one too.

What do you all think?