Starbucks Launches Their Own Digital Network

In a totally unsurprising move since they started offering free Wi-Fi at their locations Starbucks has moved to bringing their own content into that network of users while offering them things like free access to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and USA Today.  Starbucks is creating six channels packed with content: News, Entertainment, Wellness, Business and Careers, My Neighborhood and the customer-personalized Starbucks channel.

Mashable quotes Starbucks’s Vice President of Digital Ventures Adam Brotman as describing SDN  “The vision,” he says, “is for Starbucks Digital Network to be a digital version of the community cork board that’s in all of our stores.”

SDN starbucks digital network s

Since a majority of users log into the Starbucks Wi-Fi using mobile devices they’ve done a lot of work making sure the mobile experience is up to par as well.

The interesting element of this story comes in as Mashable points out who is really doing the heavy lifting for this project: YAHOO.  Yahoo is providing not only the technology and the hosting for the network but also providing the search. This has to be a huge boost for Yahoo.

For a lot of users of Starbuck’s Wi-Fi they won’t even notice it since other then finding the “Click to agree to terms” button and getting past that screen to hit the ‘net not a lot of people pay attention to the Starbucks homepage.

All in all, it’s content and something to offer their customers and the leeches who snitch the Wi-Fi without buying anything and in amongst it all I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities to buy coffee and the latest offering from Kenny G.