Thursday, February 22, 2024
microsoft office vs open office

Microsoft Trashes Open Office – No Surprise. Don’t Innovate, Attack Products That Do.

microsoft office vs open office

Well, in a move that really isn’t a surprise Microsoft released an ad attacking Open Office, the Open-Source office suite of programs that is FREE. Free as in “Microsoft Doesn’t Make Money From It” and open-source as in “We Actually Are Trying To Make The Product Better With Each Version Not Just Add Shit On Top Of The Last Version Which Was Already Bloated”.

PCWORLD covers the ad bringing it to my attention and it’s worth watching for a good laugh.

The video has all the marks of a fake political documentary by some lobbyist group and is called “A Few Perspectives on”.
In the video they present some horror stories from customers who used the open-source suite and saw problems like large extra costs and issues with time and resources and compatibility issues.
Quotes attributed to customers blast across the screen in the animated video like this one “If an open-source freeware solution breaks, who’s going to fix it?” A quote attributed to some nameless “school district official” in the U.S.
“When we returned to Microsoft Office after our experience with OpenOffice, you could practically hear a collective sigh of relief across the entire district,” is the follow up to that.
Microsoft is facing a lot of competition from Open Office not only in the US but especially around the world from companies, schools and governments that want to break the chains they have been living in from Microsoft and their products.
I’ve used Open Office as the only productivity suite on all my computers for years and I’ve never found a Word document, a spreadsheet or a presentation it couldn’t open and save out in any format. The one exception was an excel spreadsheet that had the most insane number of calculations, formulas and links throughout it that I doubt it wouldn’t have broken under excel. The company that was using it abandoned the spreadsheet shortly after anyway.
You can find OPEN OFFICE at and like I said, it’s free, it works and it’s free.
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