US Government to Bomb Guam… With Frozen Mice

us to bomb guam with frozen mice

This story caught my eye.

There are plans afoot by the military arm of the US Department of Agriculture  to ‘bomb’ the Guam’s rainforests with dead frozen mice laced with acetaminophen.

Before the conspiracy theorists get started too fast it’s not a plot against the locals or to trick the aliens that live in those rainforests but it is an attempt to control the Brown Tree Snake, an amazingly invasive species which has ravaged local wildlife, and pissed off the locals since arriving to the island sometime in the 1940s.

brown tree snakeNot only have these snakes been knocking off tons of the native birds but have driven six of them into extinction but they have also been wacking the power grid. The article doesn’t specify how but it seems these snakes are costing the government in the range of $1-4 million dollars in direct damages and lost productivity per yer because of snaked-caused power outages, which occur at a rate of roughly one every three days.

The idea is to dose up these dead mice, drop them onto the rain forest canapees using a parachute / streamer attached to cardboard on which the mouse is affixed via glue. The snakes eat them and get OD’ed with acetaminophen. This contraption is meant to catch in the tree tops to keep the dosed up mice from getting to forest floors where it might kill off local critters like crabs and lizards.

One can only hope that someone involved in all this takes some video and posts it on YouTube!