Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Google Voice Returns to the iPhone App Store! GV Mobile Returns With A Splash!

gvmobile-logo google voice app iphone

A while ago Apple decided that Google Voice Apps were not appropriate for iPhone users for some reason (the official reasoning was something along the lines of “Duplicates Features already present” or something like that) and one of the casualties of that was an app that had a tone of buzz around it GV MOBILE.

The developer tried to get back into the store but realized it wasn’t happening so he gave up and released the app for the jailbreak community and tried selling it through the Cydia store. I gather he did pretty good over there and most people thought that this would be the end of the hope of ever seeing this app back on the App Store.

BUT WAIT… recently Apple updated their policies for developers and have started being more open about the approval process for apps. The developer, Sean Kovacs, looked this over and thought he would try again. Long story short: He re-submitted GV Mobile and the sucker got approved. He did have to change the name to GV MOBILE+ but it’s still the same great Google Voice application.

gvmobile-logo google voice app iphone
Sean started letting people know it was going to be soon on his site and on Twitter and we waited… but it did appear and most of us bought it right away in the fear of Apple changing their minds but so far they haven’t and GV Mobile rocks!

( App Store Link for GV Mobile+ )

It’s simple to use, allows you to set up multiple accounts, easy to work with your messages, easy to check your accounts and get all the Google Voice yumminess on your iPhone including being able to make calls through Google Voice when you are on wireless.

Yes, it needs some improvements including Push but Sean swears it’s coming and he’s already submitted an update to fix an issue with pre 3.2 IOS iPhones.

Hopefully this app only gets better and better but for me, it’s already paid for itself in the ease of use.

gvmobile-logo google voice app iphone

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