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Four Years Ago Today: Steve Irwin Tragically Killed In Bizarre Incident With Stingray

steve_irwin Steve Irwin Croc Hunter

Four years ago today the world lost a true character, Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin.
Most people who had ever seen the vast assortment of shows that Steve did probably weren’t surpised to hear that Steve had been killed while filming his show but I for one was stunned when the news came that it wasn’t some monster crocodile or some prehistoric australian beast that tore him apart while he was examining it. Steve was killed by a Stingray of all things.

Here’s a guy who’s entire life was sticking his hand into the mouths of critters and wrestling crocs, snakes and all manner of animals down for their own good and he was killed by a freakin’ stingray??

People go swimming with Stingrays at tropical resorts, right? How the hell could it kill someone?

We found out later that stingrays have but one defense and it’s a barb on their they are able to rise. The story is that Steve was in the water and swam up to the creature and through a massive collection of circumstances landed on the stingray and the barb pierced Steve’s chest and heart killing him. Everyone who knew stingrays called it a “one-in-a-million” accident.

steve irwin and family bindi terri bob Steve Irwin left behind his wife Terri, Daughter Bindi and son Bob… and the whole world.

Many people saw Irwin as this funny Aussie who would wrestle crocs and throw out his trademark “Criky!” and “Ain’t she a beauty!” when talking about critters but what most people didn’t know was how well educated Irwin was. To the people who knew and worked with Irwin his passion and work for studying and preserving the lives and habitats of wild animals knew no bounds.

Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors Croc Hunter Steve IrwinSteve founded the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation, which was later renamed Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, and became an independent charity. You can click on that link or the logo to go to the site and get more information and make a donation.

Here’s a few links about Steve for you.

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The world is a much quieter and sadder place without Steve but he still reaches out and throws a “Criky!” at us from time to time through reruns of his show and even his daughter’s show “Bindi The Jungle Girl”.

We miss you, Steve and so do all the critters.

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