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Virgin Mobile Offering Unlimited Mobile Broadband For Only 40 Bucks A Month! Woo Hoo!

virgin mobile Wifi Deal $40 a month - sprint  wifi mifiVirgin Mobile (owned in the US by Sprint) has just announced a phenomenal deal: Unlimited 3G Mobile Broadband for only $40 a month!

The no contract service will be pre-pay and you can have the option of using a Ovation USB dongle (about US$80.00) or using the Novatel MiFi 2200 unit for about US$150.00.
virgin mobile MiFi Wifi Deal $40 a month - sprint wifi mifi
Yeah, you can get a MiFi unit under this deal.

This is easily $20 under what the other carriers are charging and most of them have a cap of 5 GB on usage with some hard-core charges for going over it.

In a bizarre bit of timing, Verizon announced this week that they are offering a new no contract, pre-paid data plan: $80 per month with a 5 GB cap. Verizon and AT&T’s other offerings in the pre-paid wireless broadband arena are equally anemic: a daily plan for $15 with a cap at 100 MB usage cap, a weekly plan for $30 with a cap at 300 MB, and a $50 monthly plan with a 1 GB cap.

This is probably a pretty bold move for Virgin but they probably see this as a chance to build their market-share in the US and introduce people to their service.

Unfortunately just as the service was about to launch a “computer glitch” (as Virgin put it) has held up the launch for a few more days.

One of the biggest questions will come from people like me: I already own a Novatel 2200 that I bought outright and use under a month to month plan with Verizon. Will we be able to jump in with this deal or will it only be for people who buy their unit from Virgin? I called VM’s customer service department Friday night and the young lady I spoke with didn’t quite understand what I was asking and checked with someone else then told me that no, I would not be able to use the Verizon Novatel 2200. She didn’t sound totally sure of what she was saying so I figure I’ll call back Monday morning.

Another question for the future of this deal will be the age-old question of “How unlimited is unlimited?” We’ve seen it many times before that wireless company’s definition of unlimited can be a little flexible in their own favor.

The other question in this whole thing is the Sprint coverage in your area. There are plenty of areas where the service from Sprint is less then fantastic. Will the 3G Mobile Broadband live up to the Verizon Mifi service?

If the Sprint service holds up, this is the deal for a LOT of people and will have a lot of people jumping over to Virgin Mobile. If that happens I’d bet that Verizon will make some sort of deal available but for a lot of people who have signed into 2-year agreements it won’t do them much good.

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