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The Internet Is A More Dangerous Invention Then The Atomic Bomb!

John cougar Mellencamp - Internet and Atomic Science expert as well as singerIn a stunning, earth-shattering pronouncement at a public seminar at the Grammy Institute Dr. John “Cougar Particles” Mellencamp announced the shocking news that the internet was a more dangerous invention then the Atomic Bomb.

Yes, I was shocked and worried about this too considering that I use the Internet every day. Was it going to explode in my face? Perhaps I didn’t understand what Dr. Mellencamp meant by this announcement.

“I think the Internet is the most dangerous thing invented since the atomic bomb,” he said. “It’s destroyed the music business. It’s going to destroy the movie business.”

Hmmmm— The internet destroyed the music industry? So it wasn’t the closed minded, Luddite attitudes of the music industry to technological advancements and the way that people want to consume their music? Oooookay.

He continued his lecture by deriding the quality of MP3 music and announced that Rock and Roll was going to be dead sooner then later anyway:

“After a few generations, it’s gone,” he said. “Rock ‘n’ roll — as important as we think it is, and as big as it was, and as much money as people made on it, and as proud as I am to say that I was part of it — at the end of the day, they’re gonna say: ‘Yeah, there was this band called the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, and this guy named Bob Dylan…’

“And the rest of us? We’re just gonna be footnotes. And I think that that’s OK. I’m happy to have spent my life doing what I wanted to do, playing music, make something out of life, but forgetting about the idea of legacy.”

Unfortunately Robert Oppenheimer, lead singer and front man for the 1940’s group The Manhattan Project was unavailable for comment on this pronouncement and shock to the scientific and rock and roll communities.

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