Link Of Interest: Ars Technica Tells Why They Didn’t Use Google Wave

Google Wave - wave project discontinued - what does this mean for Google Buzz? Ars Technica cool article about why they didn't use WaveMany people are still lementing the end of Google Wave and all the potential it held and the staff over at Ars Technica share their stories about why they didn’t use Wave. It’s a good read from people who are steeped deep in technology and if they aren’t the people most likely to “Get it” and use Google Wave, then no one was.

The issues range from Interface usability, lack of killer apps within Wave, lack of support for existing messaging protocols, lack of a hook to pull them away from the tools they were using currently and a number of other things.

As I said, if this group of people weren’t using it, then what hope did Google have in getting the average person off the ‘net to jump in and Wave? The death of Wave is the answer to that.

But I still think that the heart of Wave will be transplanted and we will see it’s technology again. Perhaps in GMail, perhaps in Docs and very likely I think in the coming Google Me (or whatever their social networking “facebook killer” will be called.)

Check out the article here: Google Wave: why we didn’t use it