Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Why Does Bing (MSN) Video Search Suck So Bad?

Microsoft BING Search engine Like many people I was waiting for the third episode of this season’s THE GUILD to come out and I went over to the BING Video search page and made a simple request The Guild and a bunch of stuff came up including season 3 episodes so I refined my search.

The Guild “Season 4”.

You’d think it would return the season 4 episodes on top of that request… you’d think.

I got back a bunch of stuff and most of it had nothing to do with Season 4 of The Guild.

In the top row of results I got:

  1. bing-search-The Guild Season 4Season 4 Episode 1 (yeah! but I’ve already seen it)
  2. “The Guild Season 4 behind the scenes with Higlet” (who the hell is higlet but at least it’s Guild season 4 in the title)
  3. Guild Season 4 Music Video GAME ON (Cool! I’ve seen it but it’s a good hit)
  4. “The Guild Season 4 behind the scenes with Higlet part ii” (again, don’t care but at least it’s related to season 4 of The Guild)

— this is where it all falls apart, here’s the next five results:

  • The Guild Episode 4 Cheesybeards  (well it’s Guild and it has a 4 in the name)
  • The Guild – Episode 1 Season 4: Back Together. (it’s a freakin’ Rick Roll... )
  • Opinion on Guild Season 4 (not what I want but it’s kinda on topic)
  • S4 Ep.5: Stevie P. Video Resume (huh?)
  • Guild S2 Ep4 (not even close but there’s the word Guild and a number 4 in the title I guess)

and I’ll save you the rest of the page but needless to say, out of the 20 results that came up, only 2 were Guild Episodes from season 4.

bing-search-The Guild Season 4 episode 3I tried again, this time I did a search for The Guild “Season 4” episode 3.

The results equally sucked— not a single correct hit and most of the stuff that had come up without the words “episode 3” came up again.

Is it just me or does this search engine suck in a major way??

The Guild Cast featuring Felicia DayAdmittedly I didn’t try searching for other content but I get all my amusing cat video needs from YouTube.

I think Microsoft knows it too, on the official Guild site Felicia Day mentions that they’ve set up a specific page so fans could go to it and see the latest episodes… and avoid the crappy search engine. (that last part is my addition)

So the question remains, why does this video search engine suck so much or does Microsoft hate The Guild?  (if that doesn’t ignite a few angry thoughts nothing will)
Oh, BTW:  Episode 4 is out! You can check it out at the Parallel Universe site listed above.
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