Thursday, February 22, 2024
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The Comic-Con THOR Trailer Escapes! WOW!

thor film marvel Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hemsworth in THOR natalie portman
Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hemsworth in THOR - courtesy Marvel Entertainment

it won’t last out there in the wild for long so jump on this fast.  CHECK IT OUT NOW!!

Someone recorded the THOR trailer that was shown at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend and Trailer Addict has been ballsy enough to put it up on the internet.

The quality is actually much better then I expected it to be and it’s a freakin’ GREAT trailer!   This is going to put asses in the theater seats next summer, baby!

The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings

BUT please don’t forget the horrific news about this film: It will be converted to 3-D.  There is a hope that they will change their minds but unfortunately they probably won’t.

It’s only in Flash but it’s worth getting to a desktop to check it out but do it fast!

[UPDATE] Within an hour of me posting this link, the video was taken down by Trailer Addiction at the request of someone— sorry. I know not a lot of you got a chance to see it but to make it up for you, someone sent me some screen caps that they took. The quality ain’t great but what do you expect when the video wasn’t good to start with and then it was compressed into Flash.

SHIELD agent thor filmasgard  thor filmnatalie portman thor filmLoki thor filmthor film warrior thor film warrior

Thor and natalie portman film marvel

Thor and natalie portman film marvelthor marvel film

Please note: I am putting this up as a service to the readers and to advertise the film and promote it. Any copyright infringement is not intended.

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  • My first thought: waaay too slick. I hope it doesn’t suck. And Portman
    is a LITTLE less like a wooden block in this flick. Also: RENE RUSSO?

    And it’s been yanked already. Nice. =)

    • Oh, and I forgot to say this:

      Give Natalie Portman a good script and a director who is more interested in his actor’s performances then trying to fit in a couple more CGI alien effects (cough-GeorgeLucas-cough) and she is an amazing actress.

      I think she regrets ever doing the horrible star wars films… well, probably less on the days when the residual checks come in the mail but even then I’m sure she still thinks they suck.

  • Man am I glad I caught this before it was taken down. Wow! Looks terrific! And it seems from what I can see that they did this right. The trailer leads me to believe it is character driven, not just in your face mindless explosions and such. Also, there is no need to fear the 3-D conversion. In theaters, I’m sure you will have the choice to see it in 3-D or as it was originally filmed. Best of all, we got to see another old school Thor villain. No, not Loki. The Destroyer! Awesome!!!!

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