GAME ON! The New GUILD Music Video Takes Off to Bollywood with Felicia Day and Cast

GAME ON- Music Video from THE GUILD and Felicia Day

Well, the people behind The Guild have done it again.

Do you want to date my avatar - Felicia Day - Music video logo

Last year the online series THE GUILD (check out last season at YouTube) exploded with their first music video “Do You Want To Date My Avatar” and this year they are doing it again… Bollywood Style.

Felicia Day and cast pulled out all the stops this year and produced “GAME ON” in which Zaboo tries to convince Codex to resume game play by transporting her into a wild, Bollywood music video.

They premiered the video at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The reception was as Felicia puts it on her blog: “Suffice it to say, there was a very warm reception to the video!” which I’m sure is a massive understatement of the fan’s reactions.

What more could you want? Music? The Guild? Felicia Day not only sings again but dances too!

Check it out below on the Bing Video Site ! (sorry to anyone visiting on an iPhone or iPad or who don’t want to use Flash – even going straight to the Bing Video site won’t help. When it’s posted to YouTube I’ll use that link)

(as an added bonus I’ve added a video interview with Felicia after the music video )