Geek Stabs Other Geek At Comic-Con! Geek Witness stunned to see so much physical activity!

Harry Potter Stabbing - Comic Con Panel

Hmmm... where's Hermione ?

Police are reporting that a man was placed under arrest at San Diego Comic-Con on saturday after getting into a fight with a “friend” while waiting for panel for the film PAUL.

It seems the argument was over one of them sitting too close to the other.

This resulted in the one attendee to “stab” the other attendee with a pen in the face resulting in a scratch on the face of the one man and the other getting arrested.

The cool rumors began immediately on the internet. One reported that the man was seen wearing a Harry Potter shirt “covered in blood” but the police called this inaccurate except for the Harry Potter T-shirt.

The panel for Paul was delayed but Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were not hurt or bled on in the incident.