THE TOWN – Ben Affleck returns triumphantly to the director’s chair

The Town film logo

After Ben Affleck surprised the hell out of a lot of people (in a great way) with his directorial debut, GONE, BABY, GONE many people were dying to know what his follow up would be. It was announced a while ago it would be a film called THE TOWN and the trailer for it just hit the net.

The buzz around THE TOWN has been really good including a lot of people praising the performance of Blake Lively, who up till now is only known for the TV show ‘Gossip Girl’. The praise on her work in Affleck’s film is probably the only thing that kept people from going absolutely ape shit over the news of her being cast as the female lead in next summer’s GREEN LANTERN.

The trailer for this film promises to keep the buzz going.

It’s an amazing cast and a great trailer. In addition to Affleck taking the lead lead this time it stars Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Pete Postlethwaite and the amazing Chris Cooper.

I couldn’t be happier for Ben Affleck to knock it out of the park on his second film although all we’ve seen is this trailer but it’s a fantastic trailer!

You can check out trailer HERE or click the logo above!

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