Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Lindsay Lohan sentencing watched live on the ‘Net by 2.3 million people

public domain LA County mugshot of lindsay lohan
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department mugshot of Lindsay Lohan or her Mensa yearbook picture...

Brodcasting & Cable is reporting the sad statement on the state of entertainment with the story that approximately 2.3 million people watched the live stream of Lindsey Lohan getting sentenced on

They say that this beats all the records for TMZ’s streams which till now were topped by another Lohan court appearence and the event of Michael (don’t leave your children alone him) Jackson’s death.

They quote TMZ Executive Producer Harvey Levi as saying “The interesting thing is that people are typically on the site from five to seven minutes at a time, but yesterday they were on the site for 16.3 minutes,” “…People could literally not take their eyes off this. It was one of the most compelling court hearings I’ve ever seen.”

In case you missed it Lindsey Lohan was recently sentenced to do 90 days in jail and then 90 days in a lock-down rehab facility for not following through on the weekly alcohol education classes and other conditions of  deals that kept her out of the clink on previous visits to the LA Courts.

I haven’t watched the video but the description I heard was that she breaks down in tears and that her lawyer doesn’t react at all. If you have a burning desire to see it’s on YouTube if you search for it.

Unlike Martha Stewart who decided to jump right into her sentence and get it over and done with and move on, Lindsey has already announced that she’s going to appeal and drag this out a bit more.

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