Avatar returns to theaters in late August with additional footage

Avatar Promotional Photo - 20th Century Fox20th Century Fox has announced that they will be returning James Cameron’s AVATAR  to digital 3D and IMAX 3D theaters on August 27th with additional footage.

I know a lot of people who didn’t get out the theater to see Avatar in 3D and have been cheated by only having seen it at home and in 2D and now we all have a chance to see it again in the theater.

I saw the film in standard 3D and planned on getting out to an IMAX theater but the twice I tried it was sold out and just never made it. Now I’ve got my chance too.

The additional footage description is a little vague but the press releases say it will be about 8 minutes of “new creatures and action scenes” set on Pandora.

The exact details of the release aren’t set up yet but they expect it to be several hundred domestic theaters.

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